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animal tarot and sculpy mixed media art all in one



The No-No Negativo Five Thousand

no no page 1.jpg


Phantom of the Opera Comic

michael chaney phantom comic.jpg

Invisible Princess

invisible princess with sepia.jpg


Originally published in Spectrum Vol. 60

A R T = Another Rejection Today! x 3

Here’s another about that life a.k.a. Another Rejection Today! Seriously, being rejected hurts, but it also means you’re getting yourself read or heard or seen. The message: stay frosty, creative-types, ‘cuz the world is full of hastily judgmental mailboxes.

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desprit de lartiste 2.jpg

desprit de lartiste 3.jpeg

The Cat: “Bird’s Sweet!” by Michael A. Chaney


The Cat: “Bird’s Sweet!”

After Friz Freleng’s “The Last Hungry Cat.” Merrie Melodies, 1961.

Sylvester panics to think he’s finally eaten luscious canary. A kill in the cage. Much better than in the hand or bush, as Hitchcock explains. The shade rollers it down to a pang in the cat, where it sticks, and it is that darkness, near lives seven through nine, that slurs whenever the cat speaks. I taught I ate a putty tat never slipped from his bird-salivater when, perched atop a tower of stools, chairs, piano benches, and Granny’s floral cookbooks, he savored yellow victory. To the eyeballs feather engorged. Mouth fulla caution tape, school bus (and chicken). Poor Delicioush Dear. It had just been swinging, a song in its heart. That very tiny perch. She could have been a star but she turned morsel instead. We can’t help it, can we? Incisors melt for…

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New Mixed Media Artwork

Collaboratively accomplished with Sara Biggs Chaney

michael and sara chaney art vital things.jpg

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