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Honorably Mentioned–Relentlessly Ignominious

March 30, 2013


In celebration of receiving an Honorable Mention in the Cardinal Sins Winter Flash Fiction contest, herewith a couple of prose-poems:

Homemade Wick

I touch the candle with a homemade wick. Denim sinews circumcised from the four skeins of my jeans, twisted in palms til gloveless winter, laughing mad scientist o’clock. The flame lingers the lip wrong. I finger glass just right. It shatters left evening  vanilla sugar cookie lavender and now that little singed piggy wears a helmet.

English-to-English Translation #2

What Marshy McLuhan really meant by “the medium is the message” is a guaranteed pick up line: Step one, lean in nose close; Step two, howl LOVE ME! LOVE ME! If yet loveless, cry piteously (step trois) until relationshipped. Repeat murderously in prime time. When you lick that obstinate smear on the TV, it slips you the tongue electric, a pixel patch of wet spectrum like a randy aspect ratio.

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  1. Hi Michael Chaney, I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed your “Top 5” published on the Journal of Compressed Creative Arts’ blog page. Very, very cool! All best, Sandy Hiortdahl

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