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One Lovely Blog Award!

September 22, 2013

I’ve been nominated for this award, quite graciously by Elaine Canham. Many thanks.

The One Lovely Blog Award requires that I give seven facts about myself and nominate another five recipients.

Seven things? No problem. Here goes.

1. I spend more time reading newspapers from the 1840s and 1850s than contemporary news.

2. One of my most prized possessions is a sentence cipher I developed years ago that allows me to instantly recall all the US presidents by number and order. It begins with the standard–Will a jolly man make a jolly visit? And continues on to recount “karate jackets” and “criminals robbing bank cash.”

3. I like to learn something new every year. A few years ago I deliberately bought a stick shift vehicle because I hadn’t driven one for years. Being a beginner affords one automatic humility, which is karmically good. I don’t believe in karma, however. I believe in learning to make that sharp whistle sound with only two fingers and in the simple human act of wanting and trying to do something like that.

4. One of the most magical moments I’ve had in a long time happened along the banks of the Rhine while walking along a bridge at sunset in Dusseldorf. I remember that evening sometimes and have to catch my breath in recoil for the historical, ancestral, electric shock of it.

5. The first thing I taught my dog to do was sit. The second trick I taught my dog was to shake hands. She then taught me that after those two gestures she would always jump up to give me a hug. I pretend that my verbal cue “Vegas, hug!” is really a command that makes her do it. But she and I know the truth. The third trick was one she taught me.

6. I look Caucasian but I am mixed race. My mother was African American and German, born in Germany a mischling kinder, an occupation baby. My grandfather was one of the first black master sergeants of the MPs in the US Army.

7. I was raised in a coffee house culture in Cleveland Hts, OH. The Coventry area, to be specific, where the freaks and punks and artists collected in Northeast Ohio since at least the 1960s. Before I entered junior high, my first “real” teachers were agoraphobic philosophers and chain-smoking pundits, schizophrenic poets and holy folk musicians who sang the truth and spoke it too and who are still holding it down to this day. I continue to see my accomplishments as collaborative triumphs against the certainty many had of all of us, that we’d never amount to much. I got some “much” for you right here.

Now, to nominate five other bloggers, that’s a problem. I’ve encountered so many excellent blogs. Picking five was hair-pullingly difficult. The five I’ve chosen represent only a smidgen of the terrific writing I’ve recently encountered on WordPress.

1. from an otherwise sane perspective Eileen’s posts and original cartoons are smart, poetic, and funny.

2. architect of the jungle Simply put, there are some gorgeously written blog posts at this site. See On Youthful insouciance and school supplies.  Or else, The Compassion of Maps.

3. Sue Ann Porter Sue is a writer who’s using the blog as the runway on which her memoir takes flight. Join her for the trip. You won’t be disappointed.

4.I’m just super sayin This blog is archly informative even while being personal. Posts range in tone from erudite to irreverent, but the writing mind behind each one is brilliant and hilarious by turns.

5. ianstarttoday Ian’s blog is full of his own engaging writing as well as generous commentary on that of other bloggers. His feature of other poems he wishes he had written is a great idea.

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  1. Congratulations Michael.

  2. G. K. Adams permalink

    Congratulations! Well deserved. Your five nominees sound interesting too.

  3. Congrats! It was great learning these things about you.

    • You’re welcome. It’s always a bit strange revealing things about one’s self. But I feel at home on this blog, and familiar with all who pass by here, whether I know them or not. There are other types of familiarity on which a community can be built, I think, and those types flourish here.

  4. VOID RPG Admin permalink

    Congrats, Micheal. I enjoyed learning these things about you! Glad you felt comfortable enough to share.

  5. You deserve it, sir. You’ve got great things going on here.

  6. Congratulations! I hope your blog will be more successful in the future.

  7. currankentucky permalink

    Congrats, you’re blog deserves it. Loved reading the seven things and am wondering what will your new learning challenge will be in 2014?? Driving a spacecraft??

  8. Brieuse Bernhard Piers-Gûdmönd permalink

    Well done. Well deserved.

  9. Congrats on your nomination. I knew I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed reading your blog…obviously. Also, OH SHIT I’M FAMOUS!

  10. BTW, raised in coffee house culture? Really? Are you trying to make us all look less cool, Michael? Cause its working….

    • You’re too kind. Most days, the only thing cool about me is my disposition in the face of certain and imminent rejection. Otherwise, I’m geeked up and out: square pegged all around…. But, seriously, thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing your nominations.

  11. I opened the email mailbox on a Monday morning and found this sweet surprise waiting for me…with very kind words and invitation for others to read along with my insane life…thanks again, Michael.

  12. survivorscribe permalink

    Congrats! I especially 5. I’m also going to check out the five recommended.

  13. monkeybrainsync permalink

    Congratulations, Michael. As a new reader to your blog, I see myself catching up on your prior posts in the days to come. So on that note as well, thank you.

  14. Best wishes! You have a smart, interesting blog and your tone is warm and welcoming, quite engaging, it pulls readers in to chat-hang out, just wonderful, I enjoy it very much

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