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Who Reads Ayn Rand?

November 26, 2013

Just about everyone. But not every reader of the great touchstone of modern conservatism raises my brow or solicits a hearty chuckle from my depths.

Other than random — or Rayndom–Tea Partiers…


here are some of my favorites.

Rush Rock n’Roller Neil Pert


Sawyer from “Lost”


Public transportation commuters


Mean characters on the Simpsons


Paul Ryan supporters and associates-of course…

Ryan on Rand

And my favorite, other clean-cut Americans in hilarious Public-Service Advertisements


  1. objectivist epistemologists

  2. I live in Scott Walker’s state and Paul Ryan’s Congressional District. For some years I managed an art gallery directly across the street from Paul Ryan’s office. Nothing bad happened. I read Ayn Rand when I was in high school. I also read James Baldwin, Jack Kerouac, and Thomas Merton. My point? It’s a good thing Walker and Ryan can’t write, and that they are just this side of sociopath. Liberals form a value system during their teenage years. With Conservatives it’s between the ages of two and five.

    • Makes me wish Vygotsky had studied the political development of children.

      • The zone of proximal development, according to Vygotsky, is where a child’s political development takes place. In 1930’s Soviet Russia, the psychology of children would be highly, if not exclusively, politicized. But I see what you mean.

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