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Hi Friend, I ARE the 1 Admiring your Page COntenT Xcellence!

September 1, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 9.55.47 AM




Wouldn’t it be lovely if there actually were a person behind those infernal spambot messages of vague encouragement? How perfect would the world be if some poor schmuck lived and breathed using such gawd-awful phrasings as the above? Most posts are barely interesting, but yours interests me to forebear. What? That doesn’t make sense? Then allow me to be more clear Dear Friend. My one in HIS name. Beloved One.

This is what it comes down to.

Please don’t take what is to come in the wrong way.

Don’t be offended.


Most blogs containing boring facts of informative. But yours is best for organization of facts and informative. I will be returning here often for you information blog.


A Real Human Being (Seriously!; a.k.a. NOT-A-BOT)

I’m so sure.

Machines can do a lot of things. Giving something a supersonic turn? Sure. Giving great compliments? Not so much! That requires a different turning skill. That means giving language a turn so precise even The Byrds would miss it. We’re talking finesse, baby, way outside the standard ambit of a machine’s stupid capacity of capacitors and incapacitated encomium. Yep.

So, no I’m not buying it that this person really liked my site–or even exists!

Hi to every one, the contents existing att this
site are in fact remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up
the nice work fellows.

NOOO! So stop playing with my heart GOOGLETECH500. Stop it, now. For I am no machine.

My content is no laughing matter to me.

The occasional blip and bleep notwithstanding.


  1. Dear Sir Cheney, your poetical works are very popular with Nigerian generals. You have 2 million Nigerian dollars in royalties in bank here in Lester’s Square. If you would like me to collect this in person for you, please sent me plane fare plus £10,000. Your servant in the bowels of Shakespeare…

  2. Thanks Michael.

    In the spirit of the bots I left some feedback for you at:

    I hope it all makes sense.


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