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Great Teaching Ideas For a 20th Century Poetry Survey Course (Actual conversation translated by voice-to-speech software re-lineated)

November 15, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.14.55 PM

Poetry selected by students will be villainously printed at the letter ass shop

to be compiled into a pamphlet or series of broadsides
letterpress edition
phones yes bye

Yes no you know I’m a little jealous over to the list on over to the list because I want the list to be available to anybody teach that course for any course like two to select from a list of really powerful and reliable and reliably good events that a faculty member can change to his or her like it

when I was English major I had courses that will talk buy some Laurie old man who across the board included some of the same”” Fun assignments

a creative paper we wrote in every single and every single classified that we like you too you don’t write back to the medieval
you know

the script of the dinner party in which different poets alive or dead or together but you can only lick like four or three website and they have a conservation notice that you have a finite amount of lines in which they have a conversation

but what if it’s what version is and you had that

you had to make a mashup with lines of the phones right yet
because of me that would actually encourage students to have such a different relationship
with the lines of the palm
that they would be babysitting things in that palm
that they might not because they’re looking for weird relationships
here that would be really conical

I was thinking a version of the assignment is to listen to you
I was thinking of the version of the assignment about the letter

the complaint letter in which
may be a poet writes a letter to another poet
upon reading that poets home
yeah it could be
a complaint letter

I think we’re to be a letter about A
special understanding
that one poet has another pole
in seeing the influence in the reverse
not from the new poet to the lake
but from the earlier
to the pew

was great seeing scraps

that we’ve
that you

and Robert Frost
so it’s Robert Frost
and we definitely have access to Robert Frost
of notes in the wrong
you only look at
you guys
next steps
so that she still stamps.
His something more
we can do with just the excitement community
St. Louis Missouri
something grander that can be attached to receive Pasters

and I want to make it because they can be part of
some bigger justice
cool mist
who want to tell her how much it cost like fish fish fish Fish


and if she is doing yet
and if you like language
I’ll read the article
looks poetic safe
essays to find A
lot about the tickets

I’ll let you use archival material

let’s look at the graphs themselves
I read something like this and I think this is the first thing you can go
back and forth

Oh it just speaks to the same idea that you should not
I don’t think
you should just

I think you should also be a kick ass collected … simple
because when the most powerful experiences had classes like that
was not just an apology
reading the other writings
to something like
letters between two popes

and listen to that Publix 0 By The Way in 20 ecology class they need to read we are arises that last post biggest face I’m not talking about possible and yourself because I feel like you can do examples visualization illustrations

What up people who think that the study literature is empty full of humming irrelevant with no corn action today
shouldn’t there be cement

I don’t
why do people like poetry

because I’ve been noticing that a lot lately since I got texting works I realize like the people care about phrase in ways the closest analogy maybe started off course

every student has to come in with a fist
a fish
and by the end baby there could be like a project
like a creative project

in English
To think about how awesome it wrinkles should get kids I Bricklane same way is reasonable. There’s a whole spiritual connection spending four years reading books is a monastic fling with yourself on the right
we should teach them about not knocking himself in a survey course on poetry

and ask students to visualize impolite approaches
which goes back to saying about capitalizing the breath
and trying to make that
inconsistent sex with horses

your yeah

but like is got me when you make that concept awesome.
No you know what looks to know if you just want to figure what’s why

do you think it is a class or what now
I’m thinking about that pewter give classes did that paralysis of the sign and date for the iambic content what is that was assigned with line tickets

Visualization was some specific thing
like the links of line
and then it was a visualization
changes over time
like patents of the line itself
like the line break
20 at the light

go through

do that kind of chicken was data collection
type into the computer and let me like a great congrats
like some crazy visualization
I think I’m being weird

of the swap that would be awesome you you know that things also awesome for me isn’t this agent was actually little pigs simply because then you get to go right you don’t have to worry aloud

baking focus
and they went asking crazy
questions like talking about love in 17th century poetry and I bleed to order a blue books just going on the representation of the feet over human. I think this working kind of activity


that’s not the same thing
is making focused shopping argument
but I think most recent changes

and the only thing you can do with literature
shake focus

intellectual argument

that a lot
of other things
that you can do with it


No I think that’s what you want to talk about
serious emergency
question becomes how do you create an experience in emergency

Do that’s bat wings in Buffalo Grove
class and students
throw quotes outside the retina
like that that idea of Ã

let’s make it let us see
for that life lesson
because physical material experience

what’s the English
like a thing that you do
do English through
light material
concrete acts

so what.
Hello how are no holes brightest English and English chapter cheaply like a chapter

write a novel
month and rightful
Monday month
why don’t you sponsor the right month
contract that you don’t account for
you now right well
drive because you know

I had multiple people
send all the info

Five cents English
is trying to write us up
and come together hours
A night today
I sent them a call.
There’s an informational meeting this club
right five
I’m at least lost
somebody that you promised I went with
regular people put there
was down there

I like blogs and stuff
for people
some form committees
little background communities
mail right now yeah
but a lot of people just do it
like an individual
like a lot of people right now
publishing anything

well it’s an experience

because it transforms your Young

link is canceled for me already I know I am totally be on the natural force and yet I know that there is something wrong or something

  1. Michael Andreoni permalink

    Ginsberg would be jealous!

  2. The ending couplet is very poignant, couldn’t have said it better myself.

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