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African American Aquarius Authors

February 18, 2017

As Mr. Google will tell you, “Those born from February 1st to February 18th are members of the Aquarius zodiac signs. Members of the Aquarius can be identified by their unique style and their flowing personalities.

Toni Morrison

toni m.png

Langston Hughes


Alice Walker

alice w.png

Melvin B. Tolson



Gloria Naylor



Huey P. Newton

huey newton.png


Audre Lorde



May Miller



Arturo Schomburg



Anne Spencer


And finally, I should mention that it is always thought-provoking when doing ‘historical’ analysis of African Americans as one can never know what month Douglass was born, for example. Not even Douglass, as those who’ve read his Narrative will attest.

Along these lines, I am intrigued by the overlarge use of dates on jars and pots made by David Drake or Dave the Potter, as he was known, an enslaved ceramicist and author from antebellum South Carolina. Though we can never know what sign Dave the Potter was, he seems to have  made sure that we do not miss the birthdays of the vessels he made. Dates appear in script typically reserved for more prominent captions on Dave the Potter’s wares.

Here is a bit more about a vessel made by Dave the Potter, announcing itself to be Aquarian both in date and in spirit. The excerpt is taken from a biography about Dave by Leonard Todd (Carolina Clay):


dave jar 1.png

  1. Wow this is an amazing post. I didn’t realize they were all born in Feb. I have read most of their work. Thank you for the look back in Black History.

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