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Big Fun on the Cover

October 23, 2017

I was so happy to see a painting of a colorful toystore from my hometown grace the cover of a lit journal I admire, Pithead Chapel and Big Fun, together. The cover is a fitting space for this image to occupy, as the frontage of the building always struck me as a young artist as making an appeal to the passer by that is never solely lost to capitalism. Sure, this is the kind of storefront that screams for attention, and it is a store, after all. But beyond its traffic with proverbial filthy lucre, this storefront, with its gaudy displays of primary color, was a feast for sore, world weary Cleveland eyes, gorged aplenty on the dull greys of life, the storefronts the least worrisome of them. Maybe you’d have to be a Coventry dweller to get this, but the place had a charm that could pass over to you with just a glance, like a hand shock buzzer from 1953, which you could find in a bin there and purchase for something not too far off from a handful of clipped out proof of purchase seals from your favorite sugary cereal box and a handful of copper.


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