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Big Fun

March 8, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 5.57.16 AM.png

In 1997 I stood outside this novelty store on Coventry, the artsy district of Cleveland Heights. It was snowing and cold, but the facade of this bright building kept me warm as I fought every snowflake to capture the place. I remember buying the usual supplies there–you know, the staples like edible clothing, handshock gadgets, happily coild slinkys wearing socks like full body tuxedos jumping out of cans of peanuts some peanut maker should actually try to sell, since so many of us eagerly open it only to find —slinkys in socks!

Let this be my final tribute to another fading landmark on its way to becoming a memory, where I shall keep it opened on a more stable contract of rents, and you can still visit the place whenever you’re hungry for that first bite of AWESOME GUM, which turns out to be another overly spicy variety of something the gum makers should explore. Until then, chew on this Coventry!

Get yours here (the painting is on jeans, denim fabric and uniquely framed with foraged sticks)

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