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Paintings of Authors in the Snow

January 24, 2020

Winter is especially inspiring for the artful and art-minded. Absence of chroma leaves room for the mind to imagine colors impossible to see in June.


We spend winter looking for view. Pardon the bacon, by the way, the blueberries don’t mind. We’ll hike through our backyard with Vegas in tow, looking for sights as we crunch through the snow.


Sara pauses to see a poem.swell your essence

And then Vegas smells another volume of poetry in the willows.


Back inside, we sit with books. Faulkner is there. But we keep a close eye on him.

IMG_0642 (1)

Hemingway is there too. He is orange inside a stuffy old house in winter. Though mini, this Hem has a big head for outside adventures.IMG_0346

Uh-oh, mini Hem establishes himself against forbears and compeers alike.  Harry Bloom, who wrote all the diagnostics on this kind of conflict, would thank Oedipus for Hem’s aggression in the snowball fight that ensued. IMG_0656

Take that Hawthorne!


Here he is, King of the Mountain. IMG_0652

We’re not sure we can keep this one on our wall for long. Perhaps, you’d fare better. If you’d like to have your own adventures with one of these roguish authors, apply here.

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