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Rustic Birch Stick Frames for Abstract Art (on denim!)

March 1, 2020

Here are ideas for frames that are more artful than they are limiting.


Art looks best when framed. But what is a frame? An ideal border, a frame proposes those parts of an artwork which are deemed, more or less, central. By the fact of the frame being a limiting device, art pushes somewhat against the concept of a frame. Art, like the American poet Walt Whitman, wants to kick down the doors, opening up to the world. Frames say, the art stops here. Art doesn’t want to talk about endings or edges in such simple terms.

With such different intentions and outlooks, It’s strange that art and frames would ever get along at all.


We prefer frames and grounds, which are the surfaces an artist paints on. that agree with art. These artworks are original landscapes. Some are visual poems as well as paintings. The natural materials express freedom of form, both the organic world and its impending limits. The frame co-creates the effect of the view. This is what a frame ought to do.


You might say, our frames go out on a limb.

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