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10 Amazing Examples of Flash Creative Nonfiction

August 23, 2020

Here are 10 Amazing Examples of Flash Creative Nonfiction (we’ve recently enjoyed)
Creative nonfiction or cnf is the art of truth telling. Flash cnf is the same thing at blender velocities. Here is a list of some of the best we’ve had the pleasure of reading.

1. uzodinma okehi
Pure Fantasy – Atticus Review

The kickboxing class is supposed to be my training for The Movie, though by this point it’s all become little more than pure fantasy.I can’t blame Abdul. To be honest. Put it another way, Abdul, messing around, his video camera to the Hi-8 cassettes stacked on the TV, run it through a co-axl, and I’m watching water droplets on a spiderweb, 15-minute sunsets, and so on.

In “Pure Fantasy,” Uzodinma Okehi details the death of creative inspiration. If you’ve been wondering why your dreams for artistic greatness are never realized, Okehi has a theory. It seems that the answer has something to do with the “half life effect…of Iowa City” and that insidious soul killer, Nintendo N64. We admire the way this writer plunges us into a moment with a story inside it. In just under 700 words, Okehi reveals a friendship, a collaborative vision born within it, and the slow fade of both into the dull monotony of the everyday. Okehi’s final description of the “rogue’s gallery of fools” in kickboxing is artful in its brevity, equal parts hilarity and disappointment. This is a great piece with powerful resonances beyond the “merely autobiographical.”

2. Frenci Nguyen
The point of some flash CNF seems to be the worst moment ever enshrined on the page for others to witness. It can be gruelingly confessional. Extremes cannot be passed off as fictions, as happening to nobody ever. When writers blend wisdom with confessional intensities, a textual form of justice—or at least the possibility for a full hearing opens up on the page. We feel ourselves falling vicariously into different roles of this all too familiar scene for students of color on college campuses around the United States. Other pieces we found worthy of second readings here include “Election Day” by Ashley Cowger, “Inside My Mother’s Mouth” by AM Roselli, and “Persuasion” by Ona Gritz —but be fore-flashed…though they are quick reads, they’re in no way light or easy. Pain sprints. It moves in flashes. Much slower is understanding, a lolly gag from way back who wears concrete shoes.

Read the rest here:

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