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“Delectable Hazards at the Animal Dive” (short story) forthcoming in New Ohio Review.

DuBois’s Van Dyke” (flash fiction) in The Minnesota Review 88 (Spring 2017) 22-23.

Horror Movies With Mom” (essay) in Prairie Schooner (Fall 2016) 101-110.

George Herriman’s Hat” (flash fiction) in DIAGRAM 16.4 (2016).

Little Family in my Snowbank,” “Stealing Home Depot,” & “And Not a Drop to Drink” (flash fictions) in The Los Angeles Review (Spring 2016) print.

“Why Jasper Hated Firemen” and “Photogenic Axes” (flash fictions) in The Chattahoochee Review (Spring 2016) print.

Is the Cartoonal Violent?” (essay) in Fourth Genre (Spring 2016) print.

Daffy Keeps Dying Wrong” and “Chuck Jones Illustrates a Few Theories of Enmity” (flash fictions) in Fourteen Hills 22.1 (2015) print.

Ceci N’est Pas une Dinner Date” and “Dead Squirrel” (flash fictions) in Epiphany Issue 15 Fall/Winter 2015 print.
* “Dead Squirrel” nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

A Funeral on the Computer” (flash fiction) in Cleaver Issue 10 (June 2015).

Martial Arts Movies” (flash fiction) in Wigleaf (March 2015).

I Broke it Rollerskating” (flash fiction) in Harpur Palate (Issue 13.2 2014) print.

Gambols in Counting” (flash fiction) in The Adroit Journal (Summer 2014).

Dave the Potter and the Churn of Time” (essay) in Michigan Quarterly Review (Winter 2014) print.

Night Visitor” (flash fiction) in Citron Review (Spring 2014).

No Crying at School” (flash fiction) in Alice Blue Review 22 (February 2014).
* “No Crying at School” selected for Wigleaf‘s long list: best flash 2015

Bottle Neck Path” (flash fiction) in Squalorly (Issue 6 2014).

Passengineer” (flash fiction) in Mad Hat (Issue 15 2014).

High on Bath Salts” (flash fiction) in JMWW (January 2014).

Neptune’s Choice” (flash fiction) in Thrice (December 2013).

As If A Bestiary Had Wings” (flash fiction) in SmokeLong Quarterly (November 2013).

Deluge” (flash fiction) in decomP (November 2013).

Drive-By in Magician Territory” and “Burgled in Blue” (flash fictions) in Heavy Feather Review 3.1 (2013) print.
* “Burgled in Blue” selected as finalist in Green Mountains Review Brattleboro Literary Festival Flash Fiction Contest of 2013 (as “Center Console Conversation”)

Lunch” (flash fiction) in NANO Fiction 7.1 (2013) print.

Fur Pockets” (flash fiction) in Storm Cellar 3.1 (2013); reprinted in Eunoia Review.

Jumping our Fathers” and “Bowling Night at the Office” (flash fictions) in Whiskey Paper (August 2013).
* “Bowling Night” selected for Wigleaf‘s long list: best flash 2014.

Darwinian Life with Dogs” (flash non-fiction) in Shadowbox (Summer 2013).

Slave Memory Without Words” (essay) in Callaloo 36.2 (2013) print.

Trellis Passing” (flash fiction) in Hobart (July 10, 2013).
* Honorable Mention Cardinal Sins Flash Fiction Contest 2013

Nothing Above But Rain” (flash fiction) in apt (May 2013).

Hard Sell, Soft Shell” (short story) in Coe Review 43.2 (2013) print.

A Monkey’s Nephew” (short story) in Blue Lake Review (May 2013).

Flood Savings” (short story) in The Columbia College Literary Review (April 2013) print.
*Finalist in Yemassee’s William Richey Short Fiction Contest (2012)
*Reprinted in Pantheon #3 Poseidon

Dog’s Honest Island” (short story) in Phantasmacore (April 2013).

The Unofficial Dogpark Down by the River” (flash fiction) in First Stop Fiction (February 2013).

An English-to-English translation (prose poem) in Short, Fast, and Deadly (January 2013).

The Futility Company” (flash fiction) in Treehouse (December 30, 2012).

Negative Side Effects May Include” (flash fiction) in Hobo Pancakes Issue 12 (December 2012).

No Room for Cream” (flash fiction) in Molotov Cocktail 3.17 (November 2012).

The Dog Park in Fall” (flash fiction) in Gone Lawn 9 (November 2012).

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